An Integrated Solution to Monitor and Manage Physical Security Operations

Patrol tours are the most reliable pillar of a strong security operation. Lack in visibility of patrol tour guards resuts in lack of accountability and risks organizational safety. Traditional way of manually recording data and reports are time consuming and unproductive. Inability to share information with the control room real time hinders emergency response

SecureOps : RTLS for Security Solutions

An Integrated solution to monitor and manage physical security operations


An Integrated solution to digitize, monitor and manage physical security patrol operations

Key Benefits

SecureOps helps you manage security operations and drives benefits across value chain

The SecureOps advantage : inLocate

Proprietary hardware free tracking technology makes SecureOps cost-effective and scalable

Hardware Free Indoor Tracking

inLocate doesn’t require any investments in hardware like RFID or Bluetooth Beacons or NFC

Continuous Tracking Everywhere

inLocate tracks your guards not just at a few checkpoint locations, but everywhere in the premises

Automated Tracking without manual scans

inLocate automatically tracks guards without any unproductive manual scan activity unlike QR Code or NFC

Fast Implementation Time

No installation of hardware allows inLocate implementation faster than any continuous automated tracking system

How SecureOps Works

SecureOps Comparison

SecureOps is the most superior, cost-effective and scalable solution in the market

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