Monitor the movement of people and assets in indoor location

Integrated Cloud Based Real Time Location System

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Our integrated real time location systems brings visibility and delivers the tools needed to drive operational efficiency and customer satisfaction for enterprises across manufacturing, security and retail verticals. Our unique technology simplifies the implementation of RTLS for proven and practical applications.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Drive operational efficiency, throughput and productivity in your manufacturing value chain. Our smart manufacturing RTLS solution is designed to monitor, automate and manage the internal logistics and material handling process

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Security Patrolling

Secure your facilities and assets. Our Smart Security RTLS is a guard patrol management solution to ensure compliance by patrolling guards, track missed inspection spots, manage real time incident alerts and automate reports

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Location as a Service

We provide end-to-end RTLS solutions along with implementation and managed services.

Kreto Smart Devices/SDK

Secure hardware devices OR smartphones attached to assets relay sensor data to inLocate engine

inLocate Location Engine

Proprietary engine converts Kreto sensor data to location data

Analytics Platform

Analytics web dashboards display Kreto's live & historical location, manage alerts and reveal BI through analytics reporting

Why Clean Slate's RTLS

Our unique technology simplifies the implementation of RTLS for proven and practical applications.

Hardware free RTLS - scalable

Clean Slate’s patented indoor tracking technology inLocate requires no installation & maintenance like RFID/BLE Beacon making it cost effective

Live & historical Tracking

inLocate enables live location blue-dot tracking everywhere along the entire routes; Gain complete visibility of key assets by real time and historical tracking

Automated Process Control

Automated data collection of milkrun performance, reducing non-value adding activities and milkrun lead times; Increase efficiency thru automated workflows based on status, location and dwell time Automatic & real time alerts on context-based events and deviations

Custom Reports & BI Suite

Analytical insights to intelligently diagnose and surgically optimize utilization, efficiency and op-ex; Increase throughput by debottlenecking operations based on BI delivered

Open APIs

Digitization and ERP integration connects the milkrun process to the entire supply chain to reap exponential benefits; Integrate data with other systems like ERPs to enhance ROI

Fast Turn Around Time

50% Quicker deployment than h/w and tech makes it much more scalable for large premises

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